The Butterfly

The Butterfly


Butterflies represent transformation, change and resurrection. Do you love butterflies? What do they represent to you? Do they hold a special place in your life? Recycled wood scraps are used to transform this box and bring the butterfly to life. Oh yeah, we sprinkled some glitter in there too because we think butterflies are magical :-) This is a one of a kind creation, there will never be another butterfly like this.

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 2

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BoxArt, like traditional wall art, is a colorful and fun addition to any room. An immediate conversation piece. The exposed sides of each piece are unfinished wood to blend with any room’s décor. They are light enough to hang on drywall and any other permanent affixed walls. BoxArt is also unique enough to display in untraditional ways such as sitting on a table top, propped on the couch against pillows, flat center piece of a coffee table and more.

BoxArt is hand cut and designed with love by Jamila Yasmeen.  The wood is first measured and cut, then glued and finally nailed to ensure a sturdy design that can withstand most mishaps. Design variations exist in each piece which add to the authenticity of design.

All BoxArt comes ready to hang with bracket hanging hardware attached.